A DORSET gypsy horse fair due to be held in Poole this weekend, which could have attracted up to 5,000 people, has been cancelled.

It was due to be held on privately owned land off Ling Road, Tower Park but after talks between Dorset Police, Borough of Poole, the land owner and organiser, the event was called off.

It would have been likely to involve pony races as well as a funfair, stalls, exhibits, trade stands, catering and a bar as well as Santa's grotto and was due to be held over Saturday and Sunday.

The event has now been taken down from the Travellers' Times website but is still being advertised on its own website and it is possible that a number of people may turn up anyway.

A joint statement from the council and the police said: “Borough of Poole and Dorset Police have been liaising with the land owners and event organisers of a horse and drive fair, which was due to take place at the end of November.

“Both organisations, along with Poole Highways and other partners, were all in attendance at a number of meetings which took place to discuss the event in greater detail.

“Representatives from the event organisers and land owners were also present.

“All public bodies within Poole and the surrounding area have public safety as their key concern, which is why these kinds of meetings take place.

“Unfortunately, the authorities were unable to obtain all of the necessary information from the organisers about the proposed three day event, including the number of expected attendees and programme of events.

“Further contact was made with the organisers and land owners to highlight their legal duties, including the health and safety of its attendees.

“The land owners and event organisers later contacted us and informed us that the event had been cancelled.”

Cllr Julie Bagwell from Hamworthy West said she had intended to go to the event. "I was going to have a look around," she said.

The Daily Echo was unable to get a response from the event organiser.

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