A FUNGI new to a Dorset nature reserve has been discovered, the waxcap.

The discovery of the Yellow Foot Waxcap at the Kingcombe Meadows Nature Reserve takes the number of the Waxcap fungi species in the area up to 25. Others in the family include the Crimson, Parrot and Splendid.

The Dorset Wildlife Trust reserve has unique unimproved grassland, which is grazed by cattle and sheep and creates a specific set of conditions that they need to thrive.

"Kingcombe Meadows Nature Reserve is rightly renowned for its flower-rich meadows, but in the autumn the orchids, rattle, knapweed and scabious are replaced by colourful waxcap fungi, with shades of red, orange, yellow, green and even pink," said Bryan Edwards from Dorset Environment Records Centre.

"This autumns’ damp and mild weather has been ideal for fruiting. The reserve supports 25 species making it one of the richest sites in England for these species. The 25th, Hygrocybe flavipes Yellow Foot Waxcap was added this year and is only known from a handful of sites in the county."

Maurits Fontein, of DWT said: "It’s great that we’re still finding new species of Waxcap at Kingcombe and having such a high number of them on one site is very exciting.”