MAJOR exhibitions could result from a charitable foundation set up to raise funds for Poole Museum.

Borough of Poole's cabinet has approved plans to establish a charitable fundraising foundation which will give the museum access to more funding streams.

A project manager was appointed after the museum received a £77,000 grant from Arts Council England in March, with the aim of creating a charitable body.

This should give access to grants and donation giving bodies, such as charitable trusts, corporate sponsors and individuals who will only donate to museum charities.

It is thought it could result in an annual income of £22,000 by 2019/20 for the museum.

The three aims are to increase earned income, support service delivery and reduce costs for the council.

"A primary reason for creating a foundation for a single service, such as a museum rather than a group of cultural or other services, is that it can focus its energies on a recognisable public institution that attracts support from specific charities, individuals and community bodies," said a report from Kevin McErlane, head of culture and community learning for Borough of Poole in his report to cabinet.

Many local authority and heritage services have such organisations to raise funds such as Bristol Museums and Archives, the Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter and the Royal Pavilion and Museums, Brighton and Hove.

“Establishing a charitable fundraising foundation for Poole Museum will allow us to fundraise from supporters who are not able to donate to local authority museums, such as many charitable trusts," said Mr McErlane.

"This fundraising will allow us to develop the offer at Poole Museum and help us deliver a better value service for the people of Poole. As we develop our fundraising plan we will have a better understanding of exactly what projects we will fundraise for but we will certainly be staging some high profile exhibitions and supporting a range of community projects.

"The fundraising foundation has no impact on the governance of the museum and entry to the museum remains free of charge,” he added.