CONTROVERSIAL plans to build two flats in the back garden of a Boscombe home have been approved by the council.

Due to more than 10 letters being submitted against the proposals for the site on Tower Road, the application submitted by developers Jenny and Barry Thorpe was heard by the borough’s planning board during its May meeting.

The detached two-storey development will include room for two car parking spaces as well as stores for bins and bicycles.

But neighbouring residents expressed concerns that the plans provide for insufficient parking provision and the new building will overlook nearby properties.

Claire Edwards, of adjoining Barham Close, said: “We have a small cul-de-sac with a massive parking issue already and I am concerned that we cannot support yet more people and their vehicles in such an enclosed area.

“It seems that every large garden has already been developed for profit in this area already and we have reached a saturation point.”

And Tower Road resident Jacqueline Scott said: “We are lucky enough to have a drive in which to park our car but a lot of residents aren't so fortunate so roadside parking is their only option.

“Building flats behind another house… is totally ridiculous, there may be provision for two parking spaces but most households have more than one car nowadays, so parking in the road will become an obvious solution.”

The council’s planning officer Simon Gould, however, told members the level of proposed parking was in keeping with the borough’s policy.

“We feel the proposed development will respect the established pattern of development in the locality, making efficient use of this existing urban site while preserving the amenities of nearby residents,” Mr Gould added.

And the applicants’ architect Matt Stevens said the scheme provides “adequate” parking and that there will be “no overlooking”.

“We have worked hard to go through the correct process and work with planning officers to achieve an acceptable scheme for this site, which was a result of negotiation through two previous planning applications and constant liaison with the planning officers,” he added.

Cllr Phil Stanley-Watts, who as well as being a planning board member is also a Boscombe ward councillor, moved for the application to be granted.

“Investment in Boscombe is needed,” he said. “I do concur with a lot of what the officer says.”

Cllr Stanley-Watts’ move was seconded by Cllr Gina Mackin and backed unanimously by the board.