A NINETEEN point action plan to protect Bournemouth’s historic Talbot Village has been drawn up by the council.

The authority is set to adopt an appraisal and management plan for the village, which was first designated as a conservation area in 1975, as part of the borough’s official policy at this month’s full council meeting.

It comes after the completion of a public consultation earlier in the year.

Cllr Mike Greene, who spoke on behalf of the council about the plan at a recent cabinet meeting, said the documents will help the authority “understand why the conservation area is so special and why the physical attributes are so important”.

“Anybody who has been to the historic Talbot Village will understand what a special area it is, and certainly it is unique in Bournemouth,” he said.

“But I think you could really take any borough in the country, put the historic Talbot Village there and it would be considered unique there as well. It really is a very special place.”

Among the list of planned actions is a pledge to encourage the two nearby universities “to respect the value of the Talbot Village Conservation Area, both as a backdrop to their sites and as a cultural, educational and recreational resource”.

Another commits to considering “the evidence, vision, objectives and actions” of the management plan and appraisal during the formation of planning policy for the area.

“A good management plan should ensure that a conservation area can only be preserved or enhanced as we move forward,” said Cllr Greene.

“The words conservation and preservation are not synonymous.

“There are likely to be opportunities for development which are positive for a conservation area and at the same time retain its special character.”

In the plan, the borough also promises to work with the Talbot Village Trust to upgrade and improve the appearance of gateway entrances to the conservation area, and to creating routes between key buildings.

The Talbot Village Conservation Area lies within the wider Talbot project area - a five-way partnership between Bournemouth council, Bournemouth University, Arts University Bournemouth, Borough of Poole and Talbot Village Trust.

The project covers land owned by the partners and seeks a joined up approach to area, including the aim to improve the universities' environment and the launch of a "digital village".

There will be further discussion of the management plan and appraisal at the full council meeting being held at the town hall at 7pm on Tuesday. The public are welcome to attend.