A CAR cleaning business is set to be blocked by Bournemouth council from extending the hours it is allowed to use vacuum cleaners over noise fears.

Pro Hand Car Wash, at the Moordown end of Wimborne Road, has made an application to use jet washing machinery and vacuum cleaners until 6pm between March 31 and October 31 on Saturdays.

It is currently allowed to use this equipment until 5pm on Saturdays.

But a report set to be considered by the authority’s planning board today, chaired by Cllr David Kelsey, has recommended that this request be refused.

This comes after seven letters of objection were received citing concerns over noise, as well as the applicant’s previous unauthorised use and other planning breaches.

The report written by planning officer Tom Hubbard said allowing the change in hours would have “an adverse impact on residential amenity”.

A supporting statement from planning consultant James Cain said: “The applicant simply wishes to amend the hours that he operates throughout the year to best reflect the seasons and the change in hours of daylight.”

The application offers to reduce the hours for the remainder of the year. This would result in the total hours the business operates across a 12-month period reducing to 2,856 from 3,068.