A COUNCILLOR has criticised Bournemouth Town Hall's facilities for people with disabilities.

Cllr Ian Clark, who represents Throop and Muscliff, told the borough’s full council meeting in June that the situation for disabled people in the building is “far from satisfactory”.

He also claimed that some recommendations made in an official review of the Town Hall in 2014 had still yet to be implemented.

“I have been recovering from a broken ankle over the last three months, and although very frustrating for me, this has given me a real insight into how disabled persons are affected by a lack of mobility,” said Cllr Clark.

“My experience with the disabled access and use of the Town Hall has been particularly frustrating. The access for disabled persons is far from satisfactory, particularly in out-of-office hours when some of the lifts are not always available.”

He said that the building needed to be altered to give people with disabilities the “dignity and respect they deserve”.

“I would have thought more consideration could be given to disabled persons,” Cllr Clark continued.

He added that the two car parking spaces for disabled users are “far from ideal” as they are not flat or long enough for those using wheelchairs.

Cabinet member Cllr Lawrence Williams responded: “I am sorry to hear your experiences have left you feeling frustrated, but I am aware that you have met with the council’s equality and diversity manager on more than one occasion.

“I know you have discussed these matters and been provided with the report on the accessibility of the Town Hall that was carried out by DOTS disability and commissioned by the council.

“The majority of the 79 recommendations from the report, indeed approximately two thirds, have been progressed and implemented so far.”

He added that the authority takes it statutory responsibility to equality very seriously, and pointed to the excellence rating for equality the council received from the Local Government Association in January.