A CAR rolled down some steps and smashed into a wall at Royal Bournemouth Hospital.

The incident happened in Car Park B at the back of the hospital off Castle Lane East just before 11.10am leading to Dorset Police being contacted with a report of the single-vehicle crash.

A spokesperson for Dorset Police said that there were two people in the silver Peugeot 407, which is registered to a Bournemouth woman, who were able to get themselves out of the car.

They added that staff from inside the hospital came out to assist at the incident as a precautionary measure. Both people had ‘slight injuries’ the police spokesperson added.

A cordon was set up in the car park to ensure that the public were safely kept at a distance from the crash scene.

Three fire engines attended the crash from Springbourne, Redhill Park and Christchurch Fire Stations.

Crews worked to make the scene safe, while the hospital staff took responsibility for assessing how much damage had been caused to the building, said a Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson.

An eyewitness to the aftermath of the crash alleged that firefighters had said that some people had been in the room behind the wall at the time of the incident and had had a ‘lucky escape.’ They added that the windows and walls of the building were badly damaged meaning that people could see into the property.

However, a spokesperson for Royal Bournemouth Hospital said that nobody was in the office behind the wall at the time of the crash.

They added: “It was completely empty when it happened. Next to that room is a consultancy room with one person in it, who was not injured.”

Both people who in the car were seen by medical staff in the emergency department.

The spokesperson said that the hospital had cancelled its clinics for the rest of the day and that the building remains ‘structurally sound’ despite the damage.

Any patients who were due to be affected by any cancellations would have been contacted directly by the hospital’s staff.

Car Park B of the Royal Bournemouth Hospital remained open as normal, once the vehicle was recovered, which happened at 12.20pm.

All emergency vehicles had left the scene by 1.10pm.