People born in the nineties were treated to a fun evening of reminiscing at the O2 Academy on Saturday.

Charlie, Matt and James, who make up the band Busted, are finding a second wind after releasing their first self-titled album, which I bought on CD back in January 2002.

They no longer jump up and down while performing What I Go To School For, Crashed the Wedding, and Year 3000, which is a sign of the members' age, and perhaps maturity, but they do still put on a good show.

Promoting their latest album, Night Driver, which is just as much in the pop category as their old favourites, but with a dance music edge, the gentlemen took to the stage under a hail of screams from fans hoping to get their first glimpse of the now grown-up stars of our youth.

Except they look exactly the same and sound exactly as they did all those years ago on the CDs.

They know that fans have come to the gig to hear tracks such as Air Hostess and Sleeping with the Light On, as much as they have come for a musical-based update on whether the men have still got what it takes to make a good record.

The lights changed colour with each song, which made for a beautifully-simple backdrop to the music as I personally feel that the fans came to see the musicians rather than the spectacle of a show.

Support for the night came from New Forest-based band Natives, who offered a polished performance, which will no doubt help them go on to great things.

Matt Willis finished the gig by telling the crowd how grateful they were to the people who have bought, downloaded and supported their music. He also added that fans could expect more from the group later this year.

Hopefully it won't be too long before they bring another night of dancing, singing and feeling like you're still a teenager to Bournemouth.