THIS psychic medium was funny, tenacious and likeable during his performance in the Pavilion Ballroom.

Tony Stockwell was in familiar territory as he asked people to put up their hands at the start of the night if they believed in an afterlife and most of the audience's arms shot in the air.

He then went on to offer details about children, parents, grandparents and other family members who have died, which were in the most part complimentary, but some things were unpredictable.

Tony told a man that he needed to buy a dog or his life wouldn't be complete, suggested that a woman could move abroad and recalled seemingly correct details of how a deceased man he'd never met had served time in prison.

I'm going to let you in on a secret: I have been to see Tony Stockwell before and thoroughly enjoyed the show. But there's a sceptical part of me that wondered if that first show was all set up and that I'd go and see exactly the same people make contact with their friends and relatives in the afterlife. Except I didn't.

I came away from Thursday night's show feeling totally unclear about how he could tell members of the audience things about themselves which cannot be found on an internet search engine or other background research.

After seeing Mr Stockwell for the first time, I took the time to see a well-known TV psychic when they came to the venue and the two just do not compare. Tony Stockwell really does make you question what happens to us after we die.

Even if any audience members could have left the show unconvinced, I hope it reminded them to appreciate their relatives while they're here above the ground.