A MCDONALD’S restaurant in Poole is set to receive a major digital makeover, creating 25 jobs for the area.

Franchisee Matthew Street has invested in the fast food eatery in Alder Road to introduce four self-order kiosks, which allow customers to browse the menu, look at nutritional information and personalise their meals.

Table service will also be introduced, an initiative that has already been implemented at other McDonald’s restaurants.

Mr Street has been a franchisee for two years. He owns and operates two restaurants in the area including the one on Alder Road.

He said: “I am excited to hear what my customers in Poole have to say about the new features. Our restaurants are a great leveller and are able to suit the needs of people from any background who want to come in and grab a bite to eat or drink and enjoy the atmosphere these changes have created.

“As a local businessman employing over 200 people I am dedicated to investing in the local area and in the development of my employees.

"That’s why I’m improving the crew room to provide them with the same facilities that our customers enjoy and have an area to train and develop to keep improving the service we offer. I’m confident that this new look restaurant in Alder Road will be a welcome addition to the area and I’m looking forward to welcoming our customers in to show off the changes.”