CUSTOMERS say they were left terrified after a man “threw a stool” over the bar at Rick Stein’s restaurant during a fit of rage.

Police were called to a disturbance at the Banks Road restaurant in Sandbanks around 6pm on Sunday evening.

Eyewitnesses claim a man picked up a stool and threw it over the bar smashing the glasses behind it.

Laura Dutton was eating in the restaurant with her young family to celebrate the end of their holiday to the area.

She said her six-year-old son was left terrified by the incident.

“We were sat finishing up our meal and enjoying what had been a lovely holiday when we heard the smashing,” added Mrs Dutton.

“This man picked up the stool and launched it across the bar. It was terrifying.

“Most of the customers had no idea what was going on and many people thought it was some kind of robbery taking place.

“My son was so petrified that he ran outside and I had to sit with him and calm him down.”

Mrs Dutton said the man had been sat in the restaurant drinking before the incident occurred.

“I imagine the staff were very shaken. It must have been horrible for them,” she added.

“You just can’t imagine something like that happening while you are enjoying a family meal on a Sunday afternoon.

“It’s definitely put me off going back there and for us it was such an awful end to our holiday.”

It is unknown the extent of the damage caused and the restaurant has said it would not be commenting on the incident.

A 54-year-old man from the Poole area was arrested and given a caution for criminal damage after reports that he had smashed glasses at the premises.

He will face no further action as a result of the incident.