A £50,000 Porsche was seized in Poole on Wednesday night (Aug23) after a disqualified driver was caught behind the wheel.

The driver was targeted as part of Operation Dragoon – Dorset Police’s approach to tackling the most dangerous road users.

He had already been disqualified until 2019, due to drug driving, and had no insurance.

The car was seized and the driver was also arrested following a positive drugwipe for cocaine, according to the Dorset Police No Excuse team.

The passenger of the car was the owner, who was also a dragoon target, currently being investigated for providing a positive drugwipe previously.

Also on Wednesday officers stopped a Ford Puma in Boscombe,

The driver had no insurance, no MOT and also provided a positive drugwipe for cocaine. They are currently being investigated for all offences.

While in Boscombe officers also pulled over a yellow Mini. The driver had no insurance and no licence but the passenger, who was the owner did.

She told officers that she wasn't driving because she had smoked cannabis during the day.

A Vauxhall Zafira was stopped in Bournemouth town centre after a vehicle check revealed it had no insurance.

When stopped the driver told officers they had forgotten to renew the policy back in July. The vehicle was seized and the driver received six points and a £200 fine.

The No Excuse team said they also pulled over other vehicles for not stopping at a red light and using a phone whilst driving - one driver was even caught texting on Facebook messenger.

A message from the No Excuse team said: "Operation Dragoon recognises that some individuals refuse to modify their driving behaviour and fail to foresee the potential consequences of their actions.

"Individuals will be graded as ‘high’, ‘medium’, ‘standard’ or ‘ungraded’ risk offenders through structured, regular reviews.

"‘High’ risk targets will include those who have a recent substantial history of dangerous driving or failing to stop, a substantial drink or drug driving history, links to high level criminality and those who have increased dangerous driving behaviour despite earlier intervention.

"Operation Dragoon will ensure these individuals are identified as early as possible and proportionate action taken against them."