Division One



GIRLING & Bowditch had the edge as they claimed the points over the Smugglers.

There was a fantastic start as both teams took the court enthusiastically and both teams rose to the challenge with accurate play and superb interceptions, with Smugglers taking the first quarter by one goal.

Rain made for unpleasant playing conditions and a slippery court; however, this did not affect either team’s determination, play remained competitive and evenly-matched.

Girling GA Kat Frampton made excellent use of space to convert balls for her team, closing the score gap.

Wyke WA Freyja Ellis worked hard to gain possession for her team with some amazing interceptions, while supporting and encouraging her team-mates expertly.

Girling managed to carve out a small lead, ending the third quarter two points ahead of their opponents.

With this closely-matched game almost at an end, both teams continued to show their determination, keeping the ball moving across the court.

In the dying minutes, however, Girling found an extra burst of energy, allowing them to push ahead with some brilliant play to claim the victory.

Premier Division



NEW Body were quick to find their rhythm, displaying excellent use of space to pass the ball up the court.

Waterside worked hard to gain possession of the ball, with impressive passing in the D to gain better shooting position.

Waterside ramped up their game-play in the second period, with fluid passing and teamwork allowing them to break through stellar defence from New Body’s GK Isabelle Roberts.

Sue Lee, Waterside GS, put up some spectacular shots, helping her team take the lead.

New Body fought back with great cohesive play and remarkable interceptions, clawing back the lead toward the end of the third period.

Excellent umpiring kept control of this highly competitive match.

The final quarter saw some epic play from both teams. Ultimately, though, despite an excellent effort by New Body, Waterside took to win at the final whistle.

Division Two



COASTAL Cheese dominated this match from the outset, with Potting Shed battling to find their rhythm despite great determination and excellent play from WD Julie Tilsed.

Coastal Cheese shooting duo, Crissy Paget (GS) and Lauren Oates (GA) showed their prowess, with the ball finding its way through the net effortlessly, allowing Coastal Cheese to rack up a significant lead in the first quarter.

Unfortunately, in the second period, Potting Shed's C Izzy Wood sustained an injury which resulted in her side deciding to concede the match.

Division Two



CAFÉ Oasis took an early lead, with WA Holly Hansford finding great space on court.

Halle Patterson, Basepoint's GK, worked well to intercept balls in Oasis’ circle but some great interceptions from Café Oasis’ mid-court players allowed them to gain more scoring opportunities.

Persistent rain made for slippery conditions, resulting in slower game-play.

Basepoint worked hard to win back goals, despite being a player short.

Café Oasis continued to play well, with GK Anya Denny showing great defensive skill and completely shutting down Basepoint's opportunities to score.

The final quarter saw Basepoint fighting to win the ball and reduce Café Oasis’ lead.

Basepoint GD Fiona Wilcox worked tirelessly to regain possession but Café Oasis worked well as a team and were able to maintain a comfortable lead throughout the match.