DORCHESTER Town coach Stuart Heath said he’d like to stay at the club going into the new season.

Heath was disappointed about the Magpies’ lacklustre displays last term, but insists that with a potential restructure in the management team on the cards, he feels the team can improve next year.

He said: “I’ve had some brief conversations with Craig (Laird) and we’re going to put some time aside to meet and discuss next season, hopefully with the possibility of still working together.

“He’s been quite positive about the qualities which I bring to the club and the team itself.

“From my point of view I’d like to stay.

“I feel I’ve got more to give and contribute to a better and more competitive Dorchester Town team.

“There’s going to be a slight restructure in the management team at the club in terms of their roles, because halfway through the season (when Laird came in) it wasn’t an easy time for management staff to start working with each other.

“We just needed to work as well as we could to get through the second half of the season, stay in the division which we just about did, and then go into this summer to find clearly defined roles and making sure the management staff is a bit thicker.

“It’s important to bring in the right people that Craig wants and someone that we can work with. Craig’s looking put his stamp on how he wants the management side and the playing side to look, and hopefully we use the next two months before pre-season to really firm up the club.”

As well as the management staff, Heath insists that it is vital to improve the playing staff to ensure the club isn’t dragged into a relegation battle again next year.

He said: “The league table didn’t lie. It shows that we under-achieved enormously over the season. We had good periods where we showed potential but you can’t ignore that we only avoided relegation by a point.

“We’ve got this summer to really structure the management side of the club, and the playing staff to make sure that we are more consistent.

“The biggest factor in us doing well next season is recruitment. We have to get that right. The league table says we haven’t got it right in previous seasons otherwise we’d be higher up.

“I understand that budgets and financial constraints do come into it, but your recruitment is everything and we’ve got to find the right quality and character for our club.

“While I was delighted that we stayed up, I felt a real determination to make sure that never happens again, and we give our supporters a team they can be proud of, because that hasn’t happened for the last few seasons.”