PORTLAND United chairman Robin Satherley insists the club have attracted applications from a range of people interested in becoming the club’s new manager.

The island chief, who was saddened by the resignation of former boss Gary Bailey on Friday, revealed the Blues were “actively seeking” a replacement to step into the hot-seat at Grove Corner, and called for interested applicants to get in touch with him, during an interview with Echosport last week.

And, with four potential managers having Wessex League experience understood to have expressed their interest in the role, Satherley is pleased with the calibre of candidates who have put their names in the mix.

Asked for an update on the Blues’ search for a new boss, Satherley told Echosport: “We have already received a number of quite high-profile people who are interested in applying for the job at Portland United Football Club.

“We will be considering all of those within the next seven or eight days. We have to filter through who we are going to speak to and who we are not going to speak to.

“At the moment, we have had four people who have applied. They are all candidates who have experience in the Wessex League.

“Obviously our expectations are very high having won the league last season. Of course, to repeat that will be a very difficult thing.

“But we are looking for someone who has got the calibre and respect of the players, and who knows exactly what they are doing when they enter Wessex League football.

“It’s not an easy process but there are people out there who are interested, as we expected.”

One man who has ruled himself out of taking the job is Bailey’s assistant from last season, Mark Carter, who insisted he will “wait and see” whether there is a role at the club for him next term.

Satherley is hopeful that Carter will remain with the Blues and outlined him as a key asset for the club.

“We very much hope that Mark Carter will remain on board in the Portland United coaching set-up,” the chairman added.

“He has a lot to offer this club and was a key man behind Gary Bailey and the success he had this season.

“He is very popular with the players and has a wealth of experience with the football he has played. We are very much hoping Mark will remain with us.”