• Tim Green, 56, from Buckingham, said: “It’s very nice, but it’s not the best beach in the UK. There are some in West Wales that are a lot better.

“But it is a lovely beach and we’ve been coming here for years.”

• Ken Franklin, 65, visiting from Tring, said: “It is a nice beach as far as beaches go, but most seaside places we go there’s lots of bars and places for adults to have a drink. You don’t need too many, but a couple would be nice.”

• Christine Wood, 67, from Surrey, has a holiday home in Bournemouth. She said: “I agree it’s the best beach in the UK.

“It always seems very clean and it has beautiful sand.

“Just the whole feel of it is lovely.”

• Gordon Wood, over 70, from Surrey, bought a holiday home in Bournemouth. He said: “We have a holiday apartment here because we like it so much. That’s why we come here. There’s so much going on at the Boscombe beach.”