A giant deckchair which made headlines around the world when it came to Bournemouth earlier this year is making a return visit.

The chair, which is believed to be the world's largest, springs back up on Bournemouth beach on Tuesday, August 21.

The red and white striped chair, which measures a whopping 8.5 metres tall, 5.5 metres wide and weighs almost six tonnes, put a smile on the faces of people who went to see it when it visited for four days in March.

Sculptor Stuart Murdoch spent three weeks putting the structure together after being commissioned by the drinks brand Pimms to mark the official start of British Summer Time.

He said: “When you are up as high as the deckchair, like when we were up on the cradle putting it together, that’s 8.5 metres high and that is scary.

“It was really straight forward to put up, it might not look it but it was. However, you you’d need a big spanner to make your own.

“The longest part of the deckchair’s frame is the longest piece of steel that you can possibly get, so that was the factor that we scaled everything else to.