SOUTH Dorset Spurs raised over £500 for charity at their latest legends night featuring Phil Beal, Paul Miller and David Howells at Portland Masonic Hall.

The three former players were each presented with crystal decanters for their roles in the evening, with Beal leading the talks before fans were invited to quiz the legends via a question and answer session.

A grand draw and three fun games took place after a two-course meal, helping to raise £534 shared equally between Mosaic, a child bereavement charity, and the Dorset Brain Tumour Support Group.

The charities were each presented with £200 cheques, while a further £134 was added to their pots following a South Dorset Spurs curry night.

Asked what such supporters’ and charity nights mean to him, Miller, who won two FA Cup finals in 1981 and ’82 before winning the UEFA Cup in 1983/84, told Echosport: “It’s great fun, we love to get together.

“It’s quite nice to get out and see our supporters, who are everywhere. It’s nice to see them, tell them a few things they don’t know and stories from the past. I quite enjoy that, to reminisce.

“We raise a lot of money for charity. Most of us are involved in some sort of charity and we do help raise tens of thousands throughout the year, which is always a good thing.”

Howells, a 1991 FA Cup winner who also enjoyed a spell at Southampton, revealed his past experiences of Dorset had taken him to Weymouth on family trips.

He said: “It’s really nice, I’ve been to Weymouth many times. As a kid we came down on holiday quite a lot. This was one of the places we came on a regular basis.”

Howells also echoed Miller’s thoughts, adding: “It means a hell of a lot. We really enjoy it, for starters.

“We’re all Tottenham fans as well. People, once they’ve played for the club, it takes over their heart and they become Tottenham fans.

“For us to be able to come and be in a situation where we can tell some stories on what it’s like to play for the club, to people who love the club like we do, is a privileged position.

“In this day and age it’s important that charities are funded and they’re doing a great service to lots and lots of people. We’re more than happy to help out.”

Beal, a 1972 UEFA Cup victor, said: “I spent 14-15 years at Tottenham and it was my life. The patter as well, we’ve got at least 20 ex-players on the staff, other clubs have got about three, if that.”