PORTLAND United are set to complete the purchase of their Weyline Stadium ground.

Having been set a fee of £60,000 the Blues have currently raised around £35,000.

However, in order to complete the sale by next month, the Crown has dropped their asking price by £5,000.

Still faced with a £20,000 shortfall, the Blues are planning to take out a loan.

Commenting on the prospect of the loan, president Dave Camp said: “Of course this will need to be paid back which will have a massive financial strain on the club over the next year/years.”

However, Camp urged further donations adding “it is never too late” to help Portland reach their goal.

He said: “On a positive note I would like to thank all those lovely people who supported the Squares and Stars initiative.

“This along with generous donations, the race night and, in particular, a donation from the Court Leet have brought us to were we are at present.

“It is never too late to make a donation.

“This could be displayed on the Stars board which will eventually be displayed at the ground next season.”

Portland are awaiting news on the completion of the Wessex League season amid the coronavirus outbreak. The National League’s decision will have a knock-on effect as discussions continue.