PORTLAND United have announced they have finalised a deal to purchase their home ground, a move which will hinder the club financially for the foreseeable future according to the club's President.

The ground, known as the Weyline Stadium since the 2016/17 season when the taxi firm started sponsoring the club, have been purchased from the Crown Estate. Club President Dave Camp said this will secure the land as a sporting asset, but will likely hinder the club financially for the next season or two.

He said: "I wish to thank all who have donated in various ways, especially the Court Leet for their very generous donation, Southwell Street Fayre for theirs and others who have also made large donations. They know who they are.

"However, to enable us to complete the purchase, a loan has been taken up. This could hinder us financially for the next season or two hence a new initiative. To celebrate this purchase myself, Robin Satherley (Chairman) and members of the committee are offering supporters the opportunity to become lifetime members."

This will consist of recognition in the clubhouse with each member's name on a special plaque, as well as complimentary tickets for entry to all league games. The lifetime membership will also include complimentary sponsorship of one game per annum. This will be for up to 4 people with halftime refreshments with tea or coffee at a reserved window table. There are a limited number of these memberships available.

Mr Camp added: "The cost of this membership will be £1,000 and if you are a tax payer, forms are available for you to Gift Aid your donation and this adds 25% for each £1 given.

"This offer will help us to reduce or even allow us to start the season on a level financial footing.

"This can be paid either by cash or a cheque made payable to "PUFC Fundraising Account" or by bank transfer. For any more information please contact me either on 01305 861291 or 07975931199.

"This is your opportunity to support Portland United."